French filmmaker Fred China has teamed up with producers Adam F Goldberg (The Goldbergs) and Lee Leshen (Back in Time, Ghostheads) to make a documentary about the creation of the Tim Burton classic « BEETLEJUICE » entitled :

Documentary For The Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice”.

What will be in the documentary ?

The documentary will cover all the aspects of the Beetlejuice production: from the filming in East Corinth, Vermont, to the stop motion and special effects works, and  will include a serie of exclusive interviews with cast and crew as well as rare behind the scenes footage acquired by Fred China over the years. We will also meet fans who have a passion for the movie and make art about it.

China launched the first of two crowdfunding campaigns in August 2017, that helped to start the project with a first wave of interviews, focusing on 13 crew members that mainly worked in the special effects industry, such as Oscar winner Robert Short.

For this new campaign, we are joined by the extremely talented Kyle Lambert, the artist that created the posters for « Stranger Things » and the latest album cover for Muse, who has made brand new art exclusive to the documentary. 

The Kickstarter has just  launched on Kickstarter, with the goal being to raise enough money to do at least 3 new waves of interviews, all around USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

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